Our fabrication and erection capabilities include a variety of services to help the project run smoothly and to unburden our clients from the details.

Consulting. We consult on design, fabrication, erection, materials, etc., from pre-bid to final product.
Delivery. We have parts and materials delivered to our shop and finished products delivered to the jobsite.
Design-Build. We work with owners, architects, engineers, and/or general contractors from project conception to project completion to lower costs and improve efficiency, to achieve value-based products, and to tailor the job to our strengths.
Drawing Interpretation. We interpret design drawings and specifications to develop detailed shop and erection drawings. From these drawings, we then determine the best sequences and methods of fabricating, assembling, and erecting steel products. If needed, we can also assist in the design drawing phase.
Flexibility. We alter our fabrication and erection processes as time demands and/or as clients instruct.
Quality Control. We provide and monitor quality control through our in-house start-to-finish fabrication and erection processes while meeting goals and deadlines at the same time.
Loss Prevention. We can help recoup project cost and schedule to correct and/or complete another contractor’s work.